Healing on the Eastern Shore

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures states: “Jesus established his church and maintained his mission on a spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.” This is the continuing mission of the Christian Science Church.

Many have found that as God’s presence and love become more real and tangible, healing and regeneration occur naturally. By practicing Christian Science, many have lived safely and responsibly free of drugs and other systems of physical care.

Each week at noon a Wednesday meeting at the church is held where those attending share their insights about the power of prayer and how they have relied on it.  Testimonies of how Christian Science prayer has been applied and proven successful for a host of challenges are frequent at these meetings.   Those speaking share how God’s nature and man’s relationship to Him as taught by Jesus, has changed their understanding of God and made their faith in God closer and clearer, thus resulting in healings.  All are welcome to attend these Wednesday meetings as well as the Sunday services.

Below are a few testimonies of healings shared by our church members.  As in the church periodicals, all published healings below are verified by people who know of the healing or who can vouch for the testifier. 


Foot Restored

Once I was trimming branches of an old tree with an electric saw, whose branches were overgrown, when a 10 foot long branch with a diameter of 7” at the cut end dropped straight down, cut-end first, onto my foot. At the time I wasn’t wearing anything on my feet but open foot sandals. Shortly after the initial sharp pain, I held firmly to the Truth of my being . . . the Truth that I was a child of a perfect, ever-present and ever-powerful God; where no accidents occur, where my purpose of gardening was holy ground and where I could not escape His protection. I simply refused to accept any other picture. God’s “everlasting arms of Love, are beneath, around, above.”

I continued my work trimming branches until the job was complete. Any pain, which lasted only a short while, simply melted away as I finished my trimming. After that, not only had the pain disappeared, but I had not a scratch or even a bruise on the foot affected. In fact, I walked two miles that evening with a friend as part of my weekly ritual. I am truly grateful for this instantaneous demonstration of God’s ever presence, protecting and guiding me each step of the way.

Patti Rockwell, St. Michaels, Maryland


The Right Education Unveiled Through Prayer

Some years ago, when our son was about 10, he began to show signs of loss of focus and lack of attention in school.  This developed into social issues because he was constantly being singled out for his lack of performance.  It all culminated when my wife went to visit him at lunch in school one day and she saw, first hand, the severity of the problem.  He was sitting all by himself at the end of the lunch table with no one while the rest of his class was all sitting together eating, laughing and having fun.  It broke her heart.

The school’s administration provided a solution that was as it had been for my previous son.  Give him drugs to calm him down and he could learn.  Our personal experience with this method not only did not work, but there were many drawbacks in lifestyle and side effects that we did not want to repeat with this son.

Our family had always been taught that prayer can solve any issue, whether it be physical, emotional, financial or moral.  It was natural then to turn to God for a solution to this problem with our son.  This was not a blind faith or being irresponsible with our son.  Past experiences has shown us that when we turn to God without any preconceived notion of the outcome, just an understanding that God loves us and will help with our problem if we give it to him in prayer, it ALWAYS works.  After much prayer and research on our own, we discovered a wonderful school that was formed just for children like our son.  We visited and found the staff to be warm, caring and kind.  They also had a history of success working with children like our son without the use of drugs and we were very anxious to get him enrolled.  However, we were told that the enrollment was full for that year and we would have to wait until next year or until an opening occurred. 

This is the wonderful thing about prayer.  We KNEW that God had led us to this EXACT opportunity for our son and that God never takes us half way.  Even when they told us the tuition cost, and enormous amount for our young family, we did not falter in our faith that prayer addresses ALL our needs.

Two things happened rather quickly.  First was that the school called less than a week before the next session started and they said they had room for our son.  The second thing that happened goes something like this:  Our son was talking to an adult friend of the family and told him of his exciting news about the new school.  That friend came up to me and said, “hey your son told me of his exciting new school and I love that boy and would like to help him if I could” My first thought was that I was ashamed I could not give my son the education he needed and I politely answered him that Patti and I could manage it but thank you.

Then I did what I always do.  I went home and prayed. However, this time, In my prayer, a joke came to me out of nowhere from my Mother about a pious preacher who was being flooded out of his home.  As the story goes, the rains came and he had to move to the roof with water all around him.  He prayed and prayed for God to deliver him.  Soon a rowboat came along and he said, “no thank you, God will deliver me.”  Then when he was on his chimney with water all around and a helicopter threw a rope and told him to grab on.  Our friend refused saying “No, God will deliver me.”  Well, he fell in the water and drowned.  When he asked Saint Peter why he did not deliver him from this peril the old saint said “What do you mean?  I sent you a rowboat and a helicopter!”

Well I snapped out of it then I’ll tell you.  This was God’s answer and I was letting self-pride get in the way of a gift from God.  I told my friend that he indeed was an answer to a prayer and he helped our son with that year’s tuition and many other years too.


Our son successfully completed that education, is now in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan, a happy, healthy Airman serving our country.  I can honestly say that I have never appealed to God in prayer when it was not answered.  Many times, in a more generous way than I could have imagined.


Gary R

Saint Michaels, Maryland


Recently, as I was getting dressed, I realized I could not find my wallet, which contained credit and debit cards, my license, cash and other cards of value.  I retraced my steps and concluded it must have fallen out of an exercise bag I had it in as I got in my car after exercising the night before.  Thoughts of guilt, self-condemnation and burden had to be dealt with.  But from the Bible came Jesus' instruction to come unto Him all that labor and are heavy laden.  He also said, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."  And from a Christian Science Sentinel article by Brian Talcott, "Let Love bear the burden."  So the burden of personal responsibility was lifted.  With that addressed, the next thought was how could God possibly lose track of anything?  I mean, it almost seemed ludicrous that our omnipotent, omnipresent Father could ever lose anything; and as His perfect idea, I couldn't either.   This thought filled my consciousness.  I then asked a Christian Science practitioner for help which was immediately given.  There was a momentary thought about man’s honesty, but it didn't require much attention, though I prayed briefly about it and established honesty as an integral part of God's man.  I followed the human footsteps of retracing my steps and looking where it might have fallen about 12 hours before.  I went to where my car had been parked and asked the shopping center maintenance crew if they had seen it.  No one reported anything.  My wife and I looked on my dresser and searched our home with no positive result.  All the while, I kept praying and continued to expect its return.  After all, could anything be lost in Gods realm? Could I, as the Bible tells us in Genesis1:26, created in His image and likeness, ever be deprived of His presence or His love?  There was this overriding feeling that I could not.  Then the next morning, as I was getting dressed for work, I looked on the top of my dresser ready to reach for the wallet in its normal place, and there it was.  I yelled out to my wife.  She couldn't believe it as she had looked for it in that exact same spot the morning before and, of course, it hadn't been there.  Humanly, there is no explanation for its return.  It was gone Wednesday morning and back on Thursday.  But what changed was the declaration of the spiritual facts about the circumstances.  Our expectancy stayed positive because of the spiritual truths we claimed.  Indeed, it is one of the clearest demonstrations of God's presence in my life that I have ever witnessed. 

Tom H., Easton, Maryland

Healing As A Child

One of the very first healings in Christian Science I had was at the age of 11 or 12. My family was somewhat new to practicing Christian Science and I had been attending the Sunday School at the church only a couple of years. I had seen healings in my family (eye problems, effects from a fall, finding a place for us to live) but had never experienced a definitive healing myself. In Sunday School, the Bible lessons emphasized Jesus’ teachings through the parables of healing and I loved these stories. Yet, I remained unconvinced about whether healings were actually “real”.

One summer, a large planter’s wart developed on the sole of my foot. At first I just ignored it, thinking it would go away. It didn’t, but kept getting bigger and more painful to the point where I was walking with a decidedly noticeable limp and had reached the limits of enduring the pain. So, the first thing I did about it was to whine to my mother who began to share with me some of the healing elements of Christian Science. I recall thinking, “I’m going to see if this Christian Science stuff works” and with that, I called a Christian Science practitioner for help in applying the spiritual laws of God to the situation.

I was receptive to what the practitioner was telling me about one supreme God who created me in His image and likeness; that I was never separated from His care and a planter’s wart was not a creation of God, so it could not have any power over me. There were other thoughts that I do not recall that the practitioner shared with me. She gave me as assignment to read something from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and perhaps a hymn or two to ponder. I did these things and afterwards, simply fell asleep for an hour or so. When I awoke, the planter’s wart had changed character so much that where it had been hard and obdurate before, it was now much softer and I easily removed the central part of it. After that was done, the pain was completely gone. The small hole on the bottom of my foot healed over in just a few days and my foot was completely normal. This experience was significant proof to me that Christian Science does heal effectively and permanently. There has been no return of other planter’s warts or situations like this on my body.

In thinking about this healing, I believe that my thought needed to be ready to accept my spiritual nature and be receptive to hearing, applying and understanding that God loved me enough to show me that healing is a natural result of learning more about my relationship to God. When I was no longer questioning and waiting to be convinced of these facts, healing occurred in a quick and effective way. Since that time I have relied on Christian Science and the laws of God, good in every experience of my life and have been so grateful for this and many more healings.

Lynne R.

Saint Michaels, Maryland



Around Christmas one year, I went to the grocery store to pick up a small list of items. On my way home I noticed that the ring, which I often wear on my little finger, and which meant so much to me because my husband had given it to me for a very special occasion, was missing. I was positive that I had been wearing it that day. Because I was driving, I was only able to look briefly around the car to see if I could find it. No ring.

I continued on my way home, knowing the entire time that God was with me, and in his perfect world, there is no loss. Everything is in its rightful place. I kept these thoughts with me until I got home and could look more thoroughly in my car for the missing ring. It was not there. I thought that I should go back to the store to retrace my every step, which I could do since I only picked up a few things.

Instead, because the store is about 25 minutes away, I called customer service to explain my situation, and asked if someone could search for my ring.  I provided adescription and gave explicit directions of my path through the store, beginning with the exact space where my car had been parked. I was assured that they would do everything they could to help me find the ring. Time went by, and I had not heard a word, so I called them again. They had not had the time to search, but promised me that they would send someone out to look right away. Knowing that God was with me, I really was not concerned. The ring would appear.

Just at that time, the phone rang. I was told that the person stocking the shelves that day happened to look down and saw a shiny object on the floor. He picked it up and seeing that it was a ring, took it to customer service, who called me to give me the good news.

Back to the store I went, to see that the ring was there waiting for me. I asked customer service to please find the person who was responsible for, and nice enough to turn the ring in. It was the best Christmas present I could have received, and in turn, I rewarded him for his honesty, hoping to make his Christmas a little nicer as well. This was another demonstration of God’s all knowing, all loving omnipresence. Understanding Christian Science is a help in every aspect of life, and I am so blessed that it is an integral part of my life.

Annie G.

Easton, Maryland


Hit By A Car

From time to time Christian Scientist around the world will submit a testimony of healing to the Christian Science Publishing Society for possible inclusion in their weekly and monthly periodicals.  The published testimonies can be accessed by navigating the website JSH-Online or purchasing a hardcopy of the periodical.  One of our members, Harley Gates has just such a testimony published in the July 2016 Journal.  Below is a link to that testimony: